Stepping Stones for the Sustainable Development Goals

A workbook for community and adult education practitioners

The purpose of this Workbook is to provide a tool for Adult and Community Groups and their leaders to un- derstand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to take meaningful action on those Goals. It aims to support adult and community educators in integrating the SDGs into their work using the principles and methodologies embraced by Development Education (DE) and Global Citizenship Education (GCE). 

The SDGs were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to guide the world community from 2016 to 2030. The SDGs, sometimes referred to as Agenda 2030 or the Global Goals, are based on the three pillars of sus- tainable development: economic, environment and social, and all need to be supported in order to achieve a just and equitable future. The SDGs, like Adult and Community Education, are meant to be transformational. 

DE and GCE increase our knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live with a focus on equality and justice at both the local and global level. This education takes place in a wide variety of settings through- out Ireland including community groups, adult education classes, schools, youth groups, and through public awareness raising events. 

There is a natural synergy between DE/GCE and Adult and Community Education (ACE) with a shared empha- sis on social analysis and political participation as well as key skills including critical thinking, active citizen- ship, social inclusion, learner focus and collaborative learning. This resource engages with learners on their own terms and explores issues that are important both at a local level and a global one.