SLÍ - for a sustainable future

SLÍ is a an organisation focused on driving sustainability. We do this through education and inspiring action at a community level

Our Roots

Slí was founded as The Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative (SLI). ‘Slí’ is also the Irish word for ‘way’ and we believe this sums up our work perfectly.

Our vision is of a global community working together to ensure an equitable and sustainable future for all and our mission is to educate and empower the people of Ireland to act on issues of sustainability, responsible consumption and climate change.

‘Slí’ is the Irish word for ‘way’ and we believe this sums up our work perfectly”

Jen Harris, Slí Founder & CEO

Our Work

SLí provides a range of education and awareness raising programmes to schools, youth groups and community organisations to raise the profile of sustainability within our community. All of our work takes place within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. SLí works on a variety of issues that fall under this umbrella including the problems of single-use plastic, waste, fair trade, child and forced labour, ethical fashion, water, transportation, etc

Our work can be looked at through 2 lenses

Learning - our education work in schools, workplaces and communities

Action - the work we do and resources we circulate to inspire

Despite increased awareness of the impending climate crisis, we are simply not doing enough to save ourselves and our home. We need to embrace a new way of life: one that uses less, that demands less and sees that the way is something that we all need to embrace for us all to thrive.

Slí Principle


Slí helps educate the local community on issues surrounding sustainablilty

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Our future needs us to take ethical steps forward now. Discover how we can come together for the global community

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The People Behind Us

We are Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. We are run by a fantastic Board of Directors and Advisory Committee.

Board of Directors/Trustees

John Hawkes, Chair

Francis Power

Liz Riches

Deborah Sheeran

Advisory Committee

Michelle Byrne

Tammy Darcy

Jason Harris

To Grow A Sustainable Future, We Need Your Help

SLÍ is dedicated to fostering a sustainable and ethically conscious community. We try to empower people through education and action on issues such as waste reduction and ethical consumerism. Your support is vital to keep us growing. Volunteer, Spread the Word, Donate

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